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Ever wanted a simple way to attach one or more file in an issue with your own configuration and your own conditions !

You can do it easily with Kepler - Attachment Fields | Simple & Multiple

 The Kepler - Attachment Fields  is a plugin developed by Kepler Technologies, an Atlassian Solution Partner, to improve the management of attached file in jira.


Kepler - Attachment Fields is an app that helps you to store one or many files in your issue, you will be able to :

  • Attach single file in this custom field;
  • Attach multiple files in the same custom field; 
  • Manage, view and update permissions on the custom field;
  • Limit the size of the attached files in the custom field;
  • Choose the extensions type of attached files ;
  • Compress image files by managing the height and the width of attached images;
  • Control the added attachments in issues according to your specific configuration;
  • Preview image files and download all files extensions before (on attachement screen) and after attachment;
  • Find the attachment easily using the search feature;
  • View the attachment owner.

Kepler - Attachment Fields is available for Jira Core Server, Jira Software Server and Jira service desk Server versions in English and French.

Feel free to contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions or even do a demo.

App Key Features


     1- Maximum size of fields

     2- Extension type of files: All or custom;

     3- Number of allowed attachment: Single or multiple files; 

     4- Compress the file.

  5- Set up a permission scheme


Transfer files from "attach files custom field" to another field which will contain the same files.


     Rest API come with the plugin "Attach file".

 Atlassian Certified

    1- Atlassian certified app;

    2- Always up-to-date with frequent releases;

    3- Plug-and-play: install and use it right away.


   Feel free to contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions.Please Click here

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