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PDF Editor combines all existing attachments in a given issue in one single PDF that will be created and uploaded when pressing an action while controlling page order

PDF Editor is an app developed by Kepler Technologies, an Atlassian Solution Partner, more information below.

PDF Editor for Jira is an app that helps creating a single pdf document that combines and concatenates your attached files from a given Jira issue.

With PDF Editor ,you are able to :

  • Select (add/remove) the attachments you want for your output pdf,
  • Re-order your selected attachments,
  • Combine your attachments into one single pdf document that can be exported.

PDF Editor is available for Jira Server versions in English, French.

App Key Features

Document Formats 

 1- Combine and concatenate your attached files in one single PDF

 2- PDF EDITOR works only with : xls, doc, ppt, xlsx, docx, pptx ,PDF



 1- JIRA Service Desk

 2- JIRA Core



Feel free to contact us and we will be glad

to answer your questions.Please Click here

Atlassian Certified 

1- Atlassian certified app                                

2- Always up-to-date with frequent releases  

3- Plug-and-play: install and use right away   

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