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Ever wanted a simple way to query a database quickly and efficiently and display extracted data with different shapes !

Now, you can do it easily with SQL Custom Field Plugin.

The SQL Custom Field plugin is an app developed by Kepler Technologies to help you getting new ways to display data from your external databases quickly and efficiently in jira.


SQL Custom Field is an application that helps you to integrate and query external data sources and retrieve dynamic informations from external databases automatically.

You can easily combine and manage data from multiple systems into one highly customizable table grid. Users can then update their external data directly from Jira.

With SQL Custom Field app ,  you are able to

  1. Display your data in  :

    • Autocomplete field.
    • Select field.
    • Table.
    • Chexbox.
    • Radio button.
  2. View Table.
  3. Edit table
  4. Export data to CSV.


SQL Custom Field app actually  is available for Jira Server version and Jira Service Desk in English and French.

Feel free to contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions or even do a demo.

App Key Features


1- Manage Datasources.

2- Choose your customfield type.

3- Configure your SQL request.

4- Manage Authorized users for editing table.

5- Choose a name of exported file.

  Displaying data

  SQL Custom Field allow you to display your data in :

1- Autocomplete field.

2- Select field.

3- Table.

4- Chexbox.

5- Radio button.


SQL Custom Field Allow you to export data from table to csv file.


    SQL Custom Field allow you to retrieve data from REST API.

Atlassian Certified           

1- Atlassian certified app.

2- Always up-to-date with frequent releases.

3- Plug-and-play: install and use it right away.


 Feel free to contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions.Please Click here

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