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Kepler - Color fields | SLA & Custom actions is an app developed by Kepler Technologies, it aims to highlight SLA compliance with colorful indicators in your issues and dashboards

You can find below more details 

With Kepler - Color fields | SLA & Custom actions  app , you are able to :

  • Add one or more Flag (SLA performance indicator),
  • Define the color and shape for each Flag,
  • Set Flag color update frequency.

Kepler - Color fields | SLA & Custom actions is available only for Jira Server version in English and French language

App Key Features


 1- Add one or more time performance indicator

 2- Define the color by indicator

 3- Define the Mesuring unit

 4- Define the begin and end date/time

 5- Define how to display the field value

 6- Define the shape of the flag


1- Use a scheduler to update field values


1- Display colored flags on differents reports

Atlassian Certified

1- Atlassian certified app

2- Always up-to-date with frequent releases

3- Plug-and-play: install and use it right away


Feel free to contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions.Please Click here

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