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In order to support the following extensions 's - xls, doc, ppt, xlsx, docx, pptx - the "LibreOffice" software must be implemented on the application server that hosts your JIRA instance.

Step 1

  • Windows:

       Install LibreOffice from Libre Office

  • Linux:

Use the system package manager to install it. The package manager varies from distro to distro.

Make sure you match the architecture of the machine and JDK. You cannot load 64 bits DLLs in a 32 bits JVM.

Step 2

Define OFFICE_HOME in the environment pointing to an existing LibreOffice home install.

  • Windows:

Control Panel -> System and Security -> System Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables

  • Linux:

# export OFFICE_HOME=<path> (or better: add it in the shell script that starts JIRA)  Make sure it is visible in a the shell that starts JIRA/cmd:

  • Windows:

cmd >echo %OFFICE_HOME%

  • Linux:


E.g. for my Windows box, OFFICE_HOME = D:\devel\libreoffice

Notes for Linux: because of each distro you may need to configure LD_LIBRARY_PATH to contain the path to libraries
used by LibreOffice

 Step 3

Start JIRA. Restart it if already started so it will pick up the above environment variable.

Step 4

Install add-on. Login as an system administrator in JIRA and go to:  Jira Administration -> Addons -> Manage Add-ons -> Upload add-on

In the dialog, point to the pdfxporter jar file (file name may vary because of the version) and press the 'Upload' button.

Step 5


If the PDF is not created, please check the logs for details. You will find them in <JIRA_HOME>/logs/atlassian-jira.log

Pass the *entire exception stack* to 

More Settings

Do you want to prefix the output File name ? You can do it and it's easy !

The configuration file is specified via -D pdfxporter.config parameter on the command line of jira, and it takes a value of a full path, i.e. -D pdfxporter.config=C:/my/dir/

This is a normal properties file, with the following  parameters and their defaults:

prefix.comite.pre = name-before-comite-status = name-after-comite-status
comite.status = status


Of course, setting useprefix on 'false' cuts the prefix functionality

Automatic Installation

You can install PDF Editor for JIRA through the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM). For information on how to use UPM, take a look here.

Manual Installation

If you have the app file (a file with the extension .obr), 

  1. Go to the Administration section of Jira and look for the Apps menu.
  2. Select Upload App and upload the PDF Editor-X.X.X.obr file (where X.X.X is the PDF Editor version).

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